IoT Solutions & Services

a) Wireless Mesh Solutions

Our Industrial wireless technology offering enables customer to connect moving assets in (Mining (Open Cast and Underground), Sea and Land Ports, Warehousing, Manufacturing and Oil and Gas.

It also allows network extension where running fiber isn’t feasible or affordable. It delivers a high data rate, 99.995% availability, less than 10-ms latency, and zero packet loss with seamless handoffs. This proven technology operates in unlicensed spectrum, deploys like Wi-Fi, and gives you full control of your network.

b) PTP-PTMP and Fiber Backbone infrastructure

Our PTP and PTMP Radios provide multimeter wave capabilities with ultrahigh capacity with all-outdoor Ethernet backhaul offering upto 10Gbps speeds.

On Fiber Backbone infrastructure, we provide highly redundant, resilient and scalable OTN solutions for redundant connectivity in Mines, Telecommunications, Sea and Land Ports, Rail and Oil & Gas industries.

c) Switching, Routing and Firewalls

Syntax Timewise Limited provides industrial grade IP67 switching, routers and firewalls that work under harsh conditions such as Dust, Water, Oil, Corrosive substances and high vibrations.

d) Centralized and Security Management Tools

Our centralized management tools help customers in industrial environments to manage, monitor and scale their IoT networks and equipment in on-premise, cloud or hybrid modes of management.